Modern interior of the hallway, dwelling room, and kitchen

Modern dwelling room

Modern diagram Gosney All the same, family-it is, first of all, one team. Whatever it is heterogeneous, it unites a single spirit. Probably, this concept incorporates in itself the modern plan of condo of the widely wide-spread area-a corridor, a dwelling room and mixed with its kitchen. This is evidenced by way of the numerous frames in which you can insert images with the best moments of the family Chronicle. This confirms the presence of cabinets and roomy closet-coupe (hallway), spacious comfortable furniture, extremely liberated space. Perhaps, right here may want to accommodate not only the family but also her guests, friends.

The walls are embellished with quite a few sorts of ending material. In the hallway door cashed panel (White Oak), used brown ornamental plaster, decorative stone, Swedish wallpaper, and mild decorative plaster. The impression of a reliable “fortress” is created. Interesting development of the ceiling of the easiest musical plasterboard (GKL) with sleek inserts of espresso color add zest, make hallway “tastier”.

The cozy hallway, illuminated by means of heavenly color LEDs, takes us to the festive living room. Due to the connection with the residing room, the application of light color gamut and saturated lighting fixtures the room appears visually more. The proprietors of flats are in step with the time, oriented to the growth of their borders-and the walls appear to expand thanks to the artfully completed wall apron in the shape of city scenery. Interestingly accomplished right here and ceiling: Used white plasterboard and painted on it ornamental plaster. About Harmony in the family says textile decoration of the room shade clear, cloudless sky, and canvas wallpaper with a large floral print as if to symbolize the mistress of the house, after all the remedy created by using women’s hands.

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